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Sports Massage

Sports massage is a form of soft tissue mobilisation specifically designed to help people who are constantly physically active. You can apply it in both sporting and non-sporting circumstances as it caters to different types of people with varying lifestyles like those with chronic pain or injury. This form of massage manipulates the musculoskeletal system – ligaments, muscles, and tendons using different techniques for enhanced efficiency. Besides, sports massage, which was initially developed to help athletes recover after a big event and increase their performance, is widely used for multiple purposes like relaxation and injury prevention.

Types of Sports Massage 

Timing is a very important principle of sports massage as the different types of sports massages are all related to timing.


Pre-event Sports Massage

This is usually a light, stimulating session usually given 24 hours before the event or competition and it is directed towards the areas of the body that will be exerted. This massage prepares you physically and mentally for top performance as it removes cellular waste, alleviates aching muscles, and speeds recovery.

Post-event Sports Massage

This session is focused on helping to normalise your body’s tissues so that it can restore to its pre-events conditions.  This massage can be given within 24 – 48 hours following the event or competition. Besides, this type of sports massage reduces recovery time, prevents muscle soreness, helps with circulation and relaxes the muscles.

Maintenance Sports Massage

As an active person or a fitness buff, this sports massage is focused on reducing your recovery time between workouts by decreasing muscle tightness and the potential for injury. You should book bi-monthly or weekly sessions if you have a very active lifestyle but your massage therapist can also devise a treatment programme based on your lifestyle.

Injury Rehabilitation Sports Massage

This session is focused on recovery from any form of injury, whether acute or chronic injuries. With this rehabilitative massage, your body will return to full health in no time, as it breaks down scar tissue, alleviates pain, reduces inflammation, and returns muscle flexibility to normal. Plus, the chances of re-injury is reduced significantly.

Injury Prevention Sports Massage

This type of sports massage uses different techniques to assess areas of tightness and bio-mechanical imbalances in your body to provide treatments that will aid in rebalancing your body. Thus, preventing injuries from cropping up.

Shoulder Treatment
Back Massage


  • Increases Muscle flexibility

Sports massages help to reduce the muscle tightness and knots that make flexibility increasingly difficult. Flexibility is crucial for both athletes and non-athletes as it helps with increasing the blood circulation in the body.

  • Prevents Injury

Sports massages are beneficial for injury prevention as it helps in restoring muscle balance and alleviating muscle tension. This form of massage helps to reduce the muscle tension build-up that can lead to joint stress and injury.

  • Enhances Performance

Regularly scheduled sports massages can help improve your performance, whether you are an athlete or not. These regular massages treat different areas of the body that are regularly worked by multiple workouts or sporting activities, and they give attention to your muscles and joints that help enhance your performance. Plus, when the risk of injury is reduced, your overall performance will be optimum.

  • Reduced Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

This form of massage is efficient in reducing delayed onset muscle soreness DOMS) that can happen during exercise or after a delayed period. This soreness occurs as a result of metabolic insufficiency that ensues when the blood supply cannot the body’s demand for oxygen, leading to the formation of lactic acid. Besides, pre and post-event sports massages help remove these wastes and toxins that cause pain and soreness to arise.

  • Improves recovery

Sports massages vary with the type of injury or sports activity you engage in. However, even with the differences, they all have one thing in common – the ability to help restore your body to its best position after an injury. Sports massages help to hasten the healing process and repair any damaged tissues in the body by increasing blood circulation.

  • Pain Relief

This form of massage helps in different ways to manage and reduce pain as it alleviates muscle tension and stiffness, which play a role in causing pain in the body. Sports massages also interfere with the body’s pain signals and release its natural pain killers in a bid to decrease the pain you feel.

  • Toxins Removal

Removal of toxins from the muscle is a major benefit of sports massages because these toxins if built up, can affect different tissues in the body. Also, this toxic build-up can reduce your athletic ability and day to day movements significantly, and with sports massages, all these problems are lessened.

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Sports Massage Treatments

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