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Facial Reflexology (Bergman Method)

Facial Reflexology focuses on reflex points on the face. Using specific techniques, applying pressure to the reflex points can help to stimulate the body’s own healing process, help improve circulation, encourage the release of toxins and help balance the body as a whole. The Bergman method is an award winning method that has been developed over 20 years and is based on “Zone therapy” the basis for modern Reflexology.

Facial Reflexology Treatments Available:

Initial Consultation & Treatment: £40 (1 hour – 1 hour 15 minutes).

Follow Up Treatments: £40 (45 minutes – 1 hour).

Relieving stress for health and well-being treatment: £25 (30 minute treatment). A lovely relaxing treatment to help you destress and relax.

Face & Feet pamper: £55 (90 minute treatment). An indulgent treatment combining 30 minutes of Facial Reflexology followed by 60 minutes of Reflexology on the feet. 

Facial Reflexology

The unique benefit of Facial Reflexology is that not only does it aim to help clients improve their health and wellbeing, with unique benefits for certain conditions for example migraines, bruxism, bells palsy and sinus conditions, it also can help your clients look younger and have a healthy glow.


Facial reflexology works on the same principles as foot reflexology – a non-invasive, holistic treatment that focuses on reflexes/pressure points on the face that when stimulated send messages to specific parts of the body, in turn stimulating the body’s own healing process, improving circulation and nerve supply as well as releasing toxins.

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Zone Face Lift

Award winning creator Ziggie Bergman has developed this ground breaking treatment which is hailed by many as a credible alternative to Botox.  Helping you to age well this treatment combines traditional reflexology methods and ancient healing techniques.  This 12 week programme will leave you blissed-out with a smoother face to match.

A 12 week Zone Face Lift Programme (weekly treatments for 12 weeks) is recommended to achieve the best results. However, a 6 week programme and individual sessions are also available.


Benefits include:

  • Naturally stimulates collagen and elastin from the inside

  • Tightens, plumps, sculpts the face, jaw and neck line

  • Smooths and lifts the face

  • Reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes

  • Reduces lines and wrinkles

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Calming and uplifting, with evident to support if lifting mood and reducing stress and anxiety

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Facial Cupping

Facial Cupping is incredibly relaxing and at the same time tones the muscles and increases blood flow. This process stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which plump and tighten the muscle structure of the face. The lymphatic drainage element removes puffiness and helps to clear the skin. It can also lessen pigmentation, producing a more even skin tone after just a few treatments.



Facial Cupping can lift and sculpt jawline and neck and decrease dark circles and puffiness in the eyes and soften lines and wrinkles in the face and relax your mind and body. It is the #1 non-surgical facelift and you will ‘feel’ the difference from the very first treatment. It can also help with scars, headaches, sinus congestion and bells palsy. 


• Sinus congestion + Hay Fever

• Headaches and migraines

• Facial paralysis and Bells Palsy

• Earaches

• Bruxism (teeth grinding)

• Scars


• Reduce wrinkles and lines

• Firm and tone skin and muscles

• Helps reduce pore size

• Helps reduce puffy eyes

• Increase blood circulation

• Clears skin

• Healthy glow

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