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Treatment Times

Facial, Foot and Hand Reflexology along with Sports massage, Indian Head Massage and Hot / Cold Stone Therapy sessions generally last for no more than 60 minutes unless requested.

A Zone Face Lift lasts up to 90 minutes

Facial Cupping stand alone is usually 60 minutes or can be chosen as a 'add on' to Reflexology or Zone Face Lift for 30 minutes.

Palliative and Cancer care is usually no more than 20 minutes but will dependent on your needs.

First Treatment Protocol

Your initial session will be approximately 30 minutes longer which will include a full medical consultation for each treatment including Foot, Hand or Facial Reflexology, Zone Face Lift, Facial Cupping, Hot/Cold Stone Therapy, Sports/Remedial Massage or Indian Head Massage. This gives an understanding of your medical history, lifestyle and current conditions to focus the treatment.

For treatments which include Reflexology, the consultation is followed by an investigatory reflexology treatment to establish any areas of imbalance within the body, after which a personal treatment plan is developed which is carried out in subsequent treatments.

First treatment to include medical consultation for all treatments which lasts up to 30 minutes - there is no additional cost to YOU, only your time.

Taster sessions are available - please call or email for further information.

Please note, some health care benefit plans offer cash back for full or part of complementary therapy fees. Please check with your provider. 


Our Services

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